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We proudly feature the exceptional work of some of the finest independent makers out there today. Hailing from right here in Maplewood to California, Canada, Japan and beyond, these designers and artisans embody our vision of preserving and celebrating the art of all things handmade. Come meet some of our very talented superstars…

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Amáli designer, Sara Freedenfeld, based in New York City, discovered her passion for making jewelry while backpacking through South America.

Drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes and vibrant textiles that colored her travels, Sara set out to create a line of jewelry that delicately unites the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication and glamour of high fashion. She is often inspired by textiles, and many of her pieces have a fabric-like sensibility, created by intricately weaving chains and stones to create rich textures.



Pamela Bloom

Maplewood-based Pamela Bloom creates lovingly handcrafted jewelry that is sophisticated and relaxed, timeless and chic. Her classic, versatile jewelry is specifically designed to be stand-alone statements — but can also be layered for a more dramatic look.

Pam's passion spans from initial design to the handiwork and craftsmanship that goes into making each one-of-a-kind creation. She loves exploring different materials to incorporate into her designs and she draws inspiration from things old and new, modern and vintage.




Gemologist Elina Bromberg, based in New York City, is the mastermind behind Atelier Eline’s stunning high-end, custom made fine jewelry. Elina previously held the role of High Jewelry Grand Vendeur at BULGARI and continues today creating her own line of beautiful heirloom jewelry. 

She has always been mesmerized and intrigued by the exquisite beauty of gemstones and the superb craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Every piece in her collection is an example of extraordinary creativity, exceptional mastery, and design.




Jamie Kole, who’s been a proud Maplewoodian for many years, spent much of her childhood in New York in pursuit of all that glitters. 

Upon graduation from Parsons School of Design, she began her career designing perfume bottles and packaging. Before long, she realized that the opportunity for expressing her true artistry was not possible within that context, so she switched gears and began designing jewelry that reflected her unique personal style.

Each piece is handmade with meticulous care paid to every detail. Her hand-sculpted silhouettes are inspired by original vintage motifs while semi-precious gemstones and tiny Swarovski crystal elements frame each piece, expressing Jamie’s signature style of ethereal sparkle and femininity.




Lisa Pressman, an American abstract painter specializing in encaustic, oil and cold wax, hails from our own backyard of West Orange, NJ. She earned a BA in Art from Douglass College of Rutgers University and an MFA from Bard College. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. Numerous private and public collections feature her paintings.

In addition to teaching hundreds of independent workshops and private mentoring programs, Lisa’s credentials include R&F Handmade Paints Core Teaching Artist and instructor for Gamblin Artists Colors. She is an annual presenter and educator at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA.



Tara O’Leary

From her light-filled studio above the Maplewood Theater — just a block up the street from Maker + Muse — Tara O’Leary captures nature’s essence and communicates it through her paintings. Her work has been greatly influenced by an ancient healing form called Reiki. At one time a Landscape painter, after experiencing multiple sessions of Rieki, the healing and powerful visions took on a venue within her work. Strong, healing colors and shapes morphing in and out of ethereal space. The act of painting has turned into a meditative and cathartic exercise, while the results are infused with pure and authentic energy. At times the painting turns into an abstract landscape.  



Page Sargisson

Ever curious about the world around her, Page Sargisson seeks out objects whose texture, shape and history inspire her.  With her ability to see beauty where others might not, Page repurposes and transforms these found objects into uniquely textured, handcrafted jewelry, and in doing so, helps bring out the artist in those who wear these special creations. 

Page grew up working in her grandfather’s woodworking studio and learned to carve, sand and make dovetail joints with him. After graduating from Brown and working a corporate job, she took a wax carving class that brought her back to the childhood passion of creating and carving. 

Page’s pieces are all handmade in Brooklyn using recycled metals.  Her work has a distinct look as she transfers textures from old letterpress blocks, textiles and woodblocks — which attract a clientele who like to collect her pieces.

In a world where so much is mass produced and 3D printed, the ‘brushstrokes’ of her carvings allow the end customer to connect with the artist and imagine the work that went into creating each piece.

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After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987 with a BFA in glass sculpture, Carla Caruso moved to the hills of western Massachusetts.

Jonesing for the bright lights, Carla moved back to New York City and spent a few years slinging drinks and waiting tables in the early days of Williamsburg's hipster migration. But the call of small town living led Carla back to western Massachusetts. Deciding between pastry chef and jeweler, Carla found her creative outlet in the latter and she founded Carla Caruso Jewelry in 2001 (she still loves to bake).

She lives in a farmhouse in Ashfield, MA with her faithful pup Birdie, works in a studio above her garage, and continues to design and make each and every piece by hand.




Every great story starts in a basement, right?  Well, their’s does.  Seven years ago Brooke Teter and Kirsten Firlik decided to jump of a cliff and turn a long time hobby into a business: Clay Path Studio. Along the way they knew they needed to make a decision as to what they needed to focus on as a business. But the decision came easy — make pots of course, because that is where their gifts and talents clearly laid.  

Their studio is located on the square of Red Lion, PA and their focus is solely on making simply elegant handcrafted pottery. They aim to create products that are not only practical for everyday use, but also artful and elegant enough for special celebrations and entertaining. From brainstorming and planning to executing designs, glazing and firing, there isn’t a piece that leaves their studio that hasn’t been worked on by both of them. They’ve discovered they work best as a team. And let's face it, it’s just a whole lot more fun that way too!




After an inspirational trip to South Africa, Dean Davidson discovered his love of jewelry, where a dream soon became a reality. Since launching his collection in 2007, Davidson has become an industry leader with his creative designs and his superior craftsmanship, catapulting him to becoming an internationally celebrated designer.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Dean made international headlines when the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore his Signature Midi Knockout Studs while making several public appearances recently in London.



Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz — founded by Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz — is an unconventional lifestyle brand creating classic styles in merino wool felt and quality leather hides. All items are made in their Los Angeles studio and factory. Good design and strong, sincere values are the core of their progressive fair wage workplace.

Steeped in traditional Japanese and German aesthetics, blended with SoCal design elements, Graf Lantz produces an approachable, functional collection crafted from the highest quality materials and honest production practices.




Clocks keep time and create space.

We look at a clock countless times a day, even unintentionally. Thus the goal of Japanese clockmaker Lemnos is for the clock to enrich the space that you’re in — sometimes like a graceful flower or sometimes like a shiny gem.

With this in mind, Lemnos presents a large number of high-quality items in collaboration with many famous designers. Lemnos products are underpinned by their craftsmen’s refined skills to bring out the best of the material through their interaction with it. The result is a design that will never become obsolete in spite of the passage of time. Their innovative designs and products made carefully in Japan have received high acclaim and won a number of awards, including the Good Design Award.



LSA International

The origins of LSA International can be traced back to the fashionable ‘swinging sixties’ in London, when Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa were inspired to approach Terence Conran at Habitat with traditional brightly colored enamelware from their native Poland.

Having established the company with co-founder Tony Saunders, the success of their enamelled coffee pots, mugs, kettles and colanders led Janusz to explore other avenues of Polish production — natural wood, leather, porcelain and mouthblown glass.

Today, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas shapes and refines LSA International’s identity, continuing her father’s passion for contemporary design and traditional craft — guided by the creativity and innovation around which the company was originally built. As a result, the products celebrate Monika’s aesthetic, her continued inspiration from artisan processes and the original materials her father championed.



Colleen Mauer

After graduating from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Colleen Mauer moved to California. She began working at a small furniture design company but then decided to change course and follow her dream of traveling the globe. After spending extensive time in Asia, with those vivid experiences on her mind, she was inspired to take her passion for design to the next level.

Fast forward nearly 12 years, and jewelry has become a part of her daily routine — it is the source of her inspiration. She uses texture, color, sounds and tones as tools for transforming a simple section of material into a unique piece of jewelry. Her designs celebrate clean geometries and effortless angles. She loves creating collections that complement any style, from casual and everyday to chic and timeless.

Her studio is located in the bustling Mission District of San Francisco, and she has recently expanded and now has an additional production studio in upstate New York. 



Odaybea Morrow

Born in Africa, raised in Europe, having lived and worked in Asia, and now residing outside Washington, D.C., Odaybea Morrow is the creative designer of her eclectic jewelry collection. Odaybea’s jewelry reflects her passion for creating unique and exquisite jewelry inspired by the cultural diversity of her background and international experiences. Combining individually selected precious and semi-precious gemstones and fresh water pearls, Odaybea provides a vast array of color, texture and dazzle to her jewelry. Odaybea’s collections bear the logo of the dragonfly, and embody the dragonfly spirit of taking charge of your life and pursuing your dreams.




Coming from a long line of artisans, it was a natural choice for Sarah Richardson to follow her passion for art. She studied Metalsmithing at Rhode Island School of Design, with further design studies in Germany. After graduating, Sarah moved to New York and designed custom jewelry for a gallery in the West Village. In 2006, she returned to Northern California and set up her own studio. 

Using traditional wax carving techniques, each piece is hand carved, then cast in 18K gold or sterling. Using heat to bring the fine metal to the surface, each piece is then polished on the edges creating an interior glow.



Philippa roberts

Philippa Roberts has been designing and creating handmade jewelry in California for over 20 years. Her clean lines, use of colorful stones, and timeless, classic style has stayed true throughout her years in the business.

Moving to the U.S. from South Africa as a child, Philippa never dreamed that her future would lie in jewelry making. It was by accident that she ended up taking a metalsmithing class in college, where she immediately fell in love with the medium.

A move to San Francisco in 1994 led her to work with designers who showed her that a woman could be an artist as well as a business owner. It has been a dream come true for her to be featured in such esteemed art museums as the SFMOMA and the DeYoung Museum among others.




Robindira Unsworth is a ‘California dreamer’ and designer of handcrafted jewelry. Her carefully curated collections of seasonal jewelry are as organic and natural-feeling as they are chic and glamourous.

Robindira lives with her husband and business partner Robbie and their daughter India in an 1858 Victorian in Petaluma, California — a historic town in Sonoma County situated in a beautiful valley between the rugged Northern California coastline and wine country.




Acclaimed jewelry designer Vasant has been a citizen of the world her entire life, and yet, it wasn't until her decade long annual visits to India began that her inspirations blossomed in to a lifelong artistic quest for perfection. She soon found herself pouring through trays of precious and semi precious stones in search of perfect adornments for herself, her friends and her clientele.

She loves to see how women ‘know’ exactly which stone and piece is right for them. Whether it is the depth of the color or complementary properties of the corresponding stone, she looks for the exact qualities inherent within the gem and its bearer. She gets great pleasure out of seeing her designs light up a beautiful woman!